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Fri Sep 8 06:52:00 MDT 1995

Joseph Halevi:
>Early in December 1993 I read an article in the International Herald
>Tribune, detailing the use radioactive artillery shells by the
>Western armies during the 1991 war.

>Does anybody know more about it?


If the question is do tactical nuclear artillery shells exist in the arsenal
of the US Army - then I believe they do. Were they used in Desert Storm - I
have no idea but I doubt it. Here's why.

When I worked at Pullman Standard one of my best friends had just been
discharged from the Army. He had been a master sargent in charge of a field
artillery piece that included tactical nuclear shells in its ordinance. He
was hustled out of the Army with an early retirement, in his opinion,
because of an incident between his commanding officer and himself regarding
the nuclear shells.

One night his CO left a set of officers top secret manuals for the artillery
piece out in his office, though they were supposed to be under lock & key at
all times. My friend saw it as his duty to secure the material. Of course he
was curious and looked at the manuals as he prepared to lock them up. Though
they were very technical, he was quite surprised at some of the charts that
he was able to read. It was clear to him that the Army routinely lied to the
gun crews about the shells they might be asked to fire. According to his
calculations there was no way to fire the shells far enough downrange for
the gun crew to escape the nuclear fallout. BTW these shells are what they
call in the business a particularly 'dirty' shell (meaning beaucoup fallout.)

Anyway as a result of just asking his CO a question about the range of the
nuclear fallout of the shells his whole military career started to go down
the tubes. He was transfered into an impossible situation and then offered
early retirement.

But from what I understand about radiation sickness it would be very
difficult to cover it up on any kind of mass scale if many soldiers had been
contaminated during Desert Storm.

I would really like to see the article. You didn't save it did you?

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