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>Louis wrote:
>The problem with sectarian "Marxist-Leninist" outfits is that they can
>describe every last detail about what happened in Spain during the
>1930's but couldn't begin to tell you about politics in Baltimore,
>Detroit, etc. Back when SDS was in its heyday, before it crashed and
>burned, there were hundreds of little "research" groups that were
>working to expose: university ties to the war machine, displacement of
>the black community in order to build university facilities,
>relationships between board members and the capitalist class, etc.
>These skills are just the kind of skills that are needed in order to
>understand phenomena such as the militias.

In the late'50 and '60 in Italy there were many important "researches"
groups (the most important QUADERNI ROSSI by R. Panzieri,and after Asor
Rosa, Negri, etc) about the new composition the working class, automations,
relationship between city and workplaces etc. They were not only academic
works from there born the ITALIAN NEW LEFT. The Italian New Left made a big
theoric contribution (only one example Toni Negri) but many of them thought
that the study of History of the communist movement in the XX was lost time.
On the contrary you can't understand few without the History of the workers
movement. A new fashion of thinkers as D. Noble made a very good "skill"
work  but his position about the technology remember Ludd. In every stage of
capitalism, in every period of big competition che capitalist restructuring,
arrive new machinery many workers are sacked. It is the vital cycle of
capitalism. The workers can, I think MUST, fight against automation and
sacks....but if some of them (few of course) from this struggle don't
understand on his skin that IT IS CAPITALISM, the struggle become only a
trade union question. Crash the machinery is as well as when the  american
auto workers go to burn the Nissan officies.
The Italian new left, when in '80 the capital restructuring  and defeat  the
class, changed his composition, said "the working class as class dead" or
"the class struggle will not come back". They described well the reality but
explained nothing and the resultats  was:"Comrades! Come back home! Nothing
to do for some century!". They didn't know that many generation of workers
in past live the same exeperience? They know. They weren't ready to swim
against the current. I tell  this boring (but also tracical) example becuase
who don't study or study in the CP version the history of communism in the
XX century can say today "the CPSU died,the URSS fall, come back home (or in
the socialdemocrats)" or they find to built pathetic version of the OLD AND
>There will be another radicalization in the US. The cause of this
>radicalization will not be a Trotskyist leaflet, but the objective
>conditions that capitalism itself is creating.

What I wrote over don't mean that the problem of the working movement is
only pedagogical(the trotskyist leaflet as you wrote). You have reason about
the objective conditions: many groups cry about revolution and so on . It is
the typical wishful-thinking. Often they don't live in the real life.If we
live in an counter revolutionary or backward phase we must say it and
explain what we can do, what is possible to do.
 But there are almost others three problems:
1. We must study from where and when the radicalisation will begin (for me
Usa or thailandia is not important). From which contraddictions will
explode? May be will internal factors (Capital-work) but also external
(International turmoil).
About the international relationship the marxism say only that is a
capitalistic theory , don't produce nothing in the last fifty years.
2. The radicalisation will produce new movements, new theories, new
tendencies. The intuition about the relationship between theory and pratice
of R. Dunaevskaja is important. The marxism must learn from the reality and
from movements. But without movement you don't understand the reality you
only describe it.
3. The subjetive factor. For me it's important not because I adhere to
trotskyism(I use this word for comfort) but because only a serious workers
vanguard, that receive respect from all workers,will compete with trade
union leaders and reformists.(about this the example of Lutte Ouvriere is

I extend to you my request about information about trotskyist groups in US
(addresses, E-mail, papers and journals).
thank you.
>I plan to post a report on the Comintern and the Communist Parties on
>Sunday. There is simply too much interesting material to include a
>discussion of the Trotskyist party-building methodology as well. I will
>make that my next post.
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