Marx, Hayek, and Utopia

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Fri Sep 8 12:05:40 MDT 1995

The following book (authored by our own Chris S.) is now available in

-- Chris Mathew Sciabarra _Marx, Hayek, and Utopia_, Albany, State
University of New York Press, 1995 (178 pages with index; $19.95 pb).

Excerpts from the back cover:
"This book develops a critique of utopianism through a provocative
comparison of the works of Karl Marx and F.A. Hayek, thus engaging two
vastly different traditions in critical dialogue. By emphasizing the
methodological and substantive similarities between Marxian and Hayekian
perspectives, it challenges each tradition's most precious assumptions
about the other. Through this comparative analysis, the book articulates
the crucial distinctions between utopian and radical theorizing.
  Sciabarra examines the dialectical method of social inquiry common to
both Marxian and Hayekian thought and argues that both Marx and Hayek
rejected utopian theorizing because it internalizes an abstract,
ahistorical, exaggerated sense of human possibility. The chief
disagreement between Marx and Hayek, he shows, is not political but
epistemological, reflecting their different assumptions about the limits
of reason."

  Maybe we can get Chris to talk more about these issues. We just had a
rather long discussion about "socialist utopia" last month. What does
Chris think about that discussion?


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