Sciabarra and Marx

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Fri Sep 8 16:05:12 MDT 1995

In an effort to further embarrass Chris, let me note the following
additional sources of interest:

Sciabarra, Chris M. 1988 "Marx on the Precipice of Utopia." Review of
Kevin Brien's _Marx, Reason and the Art of Freedom_. _Critical Review_ 2,
no. 4 (Fall): 76-81

------------------- 1990 "From Aristotle to Marx." Review of
Scott Meikle's _Essentialism in the Thought of Karl Marx_. _Critical
Review_ 4, nos. 1-2 (Winter/Spring): 61-73

To see how he is also critical of libertarians, see:

-------------------1987 "The Crisis of Libertarian Dualism." _Critical
Review_1, no. 4 (Fall): 86-99

No, Chris didn't put me up to this. I enjoy doing this.


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