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On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, HANS DESPAIN wrote:

> Much of Bhaskar may be very fimilar to Marxists, however, the (strong)
> Marxian presence is only one philosophical moment found in Bhaksar.  For:
> "The development of transcendental or critical realism presupposes a
> philosophical method imbued with Aristotelian, Baconian, Lockean,
> Leibnizian, Kantian, Hegelian and Marixan moments.

	Excuse me;  the above list is very impressive to the eye, but
I've always thought that once a philosopher's thought has been subsumed
in a larger, more inclusive theory that it wasn't necessary to consider
it separately.  I would think many of the names above are superfluous to
just saying `Marx'....

	You are saying that there are `methods' peculiar to these men
which are alian to marxist thought?

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