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Marx seems never to have written much about method.  Yet it seems that Marx
did intend to write something about dialectical logic.  I have not finished
Ilyenkov's Dialectical Logic; if many of us frustrated with Juan's attempts
to supply the want in Marx's project, then perhaps someone can make a
suggestion of a work on dialectical method.

Juan has made reference to this concept of inner necessity.  Again I repeat
I have not yet really studied Juan's posts (which I intend to do after
reading Ilyenkov's Dialectical Logic).

Now a question that comes to mind is that this concept of necessity may be
related to the mystification of value.  That is, if we take value to be
self-expanding value (as Marx establishes in the first parts of Capital),
then it seems that we can deduce as a logical necessity the transition from
absolute to relative surplus value as value cannot expand on the basis of
the prolongation of the working day alone.  Value seems to bring forth from
itself  relative surplus value.

 But this is one-sided, this is to study capital's inner necessity from the
value side only--exactly what Grossmann faults the classical economists
for. The transition depends on the technical nature of production, in the
technical transformation of the labor process from manufacture to
machino-facture.  The production of relative surplus value cannot be
understood merely as the inner necessity of value itself.  We cannot
abstract from the use-value aspects of production; however autonomous and
determing the logic of value appears (especially in today's climate of
speculation) valorization as a value process cannot decouple itself (to use
a phrase of News and Letters' Ron Brokmeyer) from the use-value aspects of
production, in particular of course from the actual use-value of the
commodity labor power.

So I have been uncomfortable with a certain conception of necessity.
Whether Juan uses the concept this way in his reconstruction of dialectical
logic, I cannot say.


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