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Sun Sep 10 04:50:43 MDT 1995

About Gen. Nino Pasti I consulted my books about the movements of '68 but
the informations about Gen. Pasti are few. I'm not an expert about stalists
organisations. I can confirm he was in the '50 and '60 a General of NATO.
After he become  an indipendent deputy of CP. At the end in the late'70 he
organized un group in Rome with ex leaders of '77 movement. The political
line was pro-URSS, they involved in the anti war-movement, and in support of
Rome local agitation: about the youth,  the problem of the homelesses, etc.
They were some hundred In the '80 from "Organizzazione proletaria Romana"
they changed name in "Movimento per la pace e il socialismo".(Movement for
peace and socialism) They also run in the admistrative election with poor
resultats and Gen. Pasti was always on the top of the list. He died few
years ago. Now they publish a journal "Guerra e Pace" (War and Peace). If
you need the address I will send it with others about stalists and maoists
group that I' m preparing.

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