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Sun Sep 10 07:37:31 MDT 1995

Kenny, perhaps you shouldn't post so late at night, when you are
so sleepy your cognitive functions break down.  I was beginning to
have some respect for you, and then you posted the following word

>As the middle class these days tends to be feminist (in the
>liberal sense) and imperialist, the white working class tends to
>be patriarchal, and the NOI obviously is.  So cross racial
>identification is possible, under the right conditions.


>Feminist identification, ..... is at this point in time much
>more problematic.


>I suppose the question is whether I believe revolution possible
>in my lifetime, and I certainly believe that if the answer to
>this is yes (and I'm not willing to write this off), it does
>depend on our assuming that a large percentage of the present
>members of the militias and the NOI choose our side.


>I should point out that the afrocentrics are all womanist, not
>in any particularly sophisticated or adequate way perhaps, and
>yet in a way that a substantial number of women appear to be
>affirmed by.


>I think this a good thing even if it does tend to reinforce the
>point I just made--afrocentrism is middle class nationalism to
>the NOI's populism.


>I believe that many members of the militia can be convinced of
>many things we would like to convince them of; not all members,
>perhaps not all things.  I also can't see what our options are.

Kenny, this is so sad.  I'm embarrassed for you.

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