Unproductive labor: imperialist countries

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While you make a case for the decline of the "blue collar" versus the
"white collar" worker in G7-type nations... you then ask that readers
accept, as an article of faith, that the working class is now more
"anti-immigrant"  than before -- in the sense that it is steadily becoming
more so, as opposed to economic and cultural fluctuations.

Even accepting both these facts, you then ask readers to accept as an
article of faith that they are somehow related. If you have evidence that
a rise in xenophobia is somehow related to the color of one's collar,
please provide references.

While the preachers tend to their hymnals, I'd like to point out that
historically many reactionary elements of labor have balked at the notion
of associating with "radical" labor groups, especially "dirty immigrants."
It's hardly a modern phenomenon.

Since I just wrote a post about Haymarket and Chicago in 1886... One
example comes to mind.

There were several strong unions in Chicago.  As the May 1 eight-hour
deadline approached, the Trades Assembly had a motion from the floor
calling for a joint executive body of _all_ unions and complete
cooperation and participation in the eight-hour demands -- which were most
vocally advanced by immigrant unions.

Andrew Cameron, a long-time Chicago labor unionist, replied:

     "I am one of those who do not think it a crime to be an American, or
     worse than murder to speak the English language. I am opposed to any
     movement toward joining with those who carry the red flag of
     Socialism [from] Europe to the democratic-republicanism of America.
     The Trades Assembly will certainly be smirched if it takes on such a

And that union did, indeed, refuse to cooperate in the eight-hour movement
and all its dirty immigrants (Germans). This completely reflected the
position of the capitalist media.

Jan 14 1886, the Chicago Daily News wrote:

     "Socialism in America is an anomaly, and Chicago is the last place
     on the continent where it could exist were it not for the dregs of
     foreign immigration which find logdement here."

Of course, MIM undoubtedly has evidence to indicating the full name of
this reactionary union was the Trades Assembly of Data Processors and
TV Producers...

Piping Marx Into Cyberspace...

ObMarx: Eleanor Marx in her speech at England's first May Day
        gathering at Hyde Park:

             Rise like Lions after slumber
             In unvanquishable number
             Shake your chains to earth like dew
             Which in sleep had fallen on you --
             Ye are many -- they are few.

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