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On Sun, 10 Sep 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:

> How could the Peruvian Communist Party become
> such a threat to the state, if it did not have
> support from the people, support that more than
> makes up for their lack of rich high-tech backers like
> U.S. imperialism?

	I don't think too many people here believe EVERYTHING they hear or
read about the Senderistas, but it's a FACT that they HAVE terrorized
people and killed other, competing leftists -- people just like us here.

	No one's absolving the Peruvian military or that stooge Fujimori
of THEIR crimes...

	Senderistas have come to Canada looking for support for their
cause, but most people on the Left -- including other latin american
groups -- tend to give them a wide berth, and they do come across as
strident and dogmatic...

	They have a VERY bad reputation.

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