Stalin and the Comintern

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On Sun, 10 Sep 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Louis Proyect:
> "Our Party alone knows where to direct the cause; and it is leading it
> forward successfully. To what does our Party owe its superiority? To
> the fact that is a Marxian Party, a Leninist Party. It owes it to the fact
> that it is guided in its work by the tenets of Marx, Engels and Lenin.
> There cannot be any doubt that as long as we remain true to these
> tenets, as long as we have this compass, we will achieve success in our
> work."
> Can you imagine if someone showed up on our list posting nonsense
> like that above. How long do you think it would take Zodiac to have
> everybody laughing at such nonsense? Of course, the words are by
> Joseph Stalin, from "Foundations to Leninism". That Stalin could
> represent himself as the foremost Marxist thinker in the world from
> the late 1920's to the 1950's does more to explain the current crisis in
> socialism today than anything else. Not only did this hogwash pass for
> Marxism during this period, if anybody attempted to present a political
> alternative they would end up with broken teeth or a bullet to the head.
> This type of simple-minded nonsense has pretty much disappeared
> from the world of Marxism, except for the occasional Maoist
> manifesto here and there. We can read the following in the
> "theoretical" journal of the Maoist International Movement. "By
> looking at the life and teachings of Mao Tsetung, a new generation
> who themselves never witnessed the dramatic changes wrought in
> revolutionary China could begin to understand that the poor and
> oppressed could indeed rise up and transform the world through
> revolution; that the imperialists' declarations that 'communism is dead'
> reflect their hatred and fear of the very class of proletarians that can
> and will do away with them forever; and that to move forward to all
> the way liberation, the understanding forged by Mao Tsetung in the
> Chinese revolution and summed up as Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is
> the indispensable weapon for victory."

Perhaps you could give me the reference for that quote? We
don't spell Mao Tsetung that way, so I suspect you are
confusing us with the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

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