Maoism and the people

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Sun Sep 10 20:13:51 MDT 1995

Jim Jaszewski wrote:

> 	I'd sure like to know what was so `communist' about Pol Pot.
> 	I'm sure we all remember who helped the MOST to keep them in power
> (and how many MORE died as a result of it) -- Uncle Sam...

Did the US help the most to keep Pol Pot in power? I'm not so sure about
that. The Khymer Rouge received, especially in the early period, large
amounts of material assistance, including military aid, from China.
Furthermore, the Khymer Rouge owed a large amount of its ideological
inspiration to Maoism. Of course, one could argue that Maoists under
Pol Pot distorted Mao's position (during the Cultural Revolution) regarding
the advantages of re-educating those citizens infected by bourgeois
culture and pro-imperialist thinking. For background on this topic, I
recommend viewing "The Killing Fields."


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