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Just so we are all clear, the Peruvian Communist Party
and MIM have no connection to the Khmer Rouge. The
Khmer Rouge has denounced our politics as counterrevolutionary.
On the other hand, for die-hard anti-communists I point
out that Democrats in Congress and George Bush as president
gave the Khmer Rouge military aid.

I'd also recommend reading the Monthly Review book
on Kampuchea. The evacuation of the city was a rational
solution to the problem of disruption of agriculture
caused by U.S. bombing, war and the cut-off of international
food-aid upon the collapse of the U.S. puppet regime.

It's not really appropriate for intellectuals in the West to
be talking about the Khmer Rouge this way when a) They
don't offer a better way to have handled the crisis in 1975
b) They failed to stop U.S. imperialism from creating the

In other words, it's too easy to criticize people
in state power and thereby prefer not holding it.

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> Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:
> > How could the Peruvian Communist Party become
> > such a threat to the state, if it did not have
> > support from the people, support that more than
> > makes up for their lack of rich high-tech backers like
> > U.S. imperialism?
> >
> Let's move away from Peru and go to Kampuchea under Pol Pot. Did the
> Khymer Rouge policy towards re-educating urban residents, professionals,
> and intellectuals not look to the experience of Mao's policy during the
> Cultural Revolution for inspiration?
> Isn't it not only a question of what some Marxists do to seize power, but
> what they do also to hold state power?
> Jerry
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