Maoism and the people

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On Sep 10, 10:13pm, glevy at wrote:
> Subject: Re: Maoism and the people
> Jim Jaszewski wrote:
> > 	I'd sure like to know what was so `communist' about Pol Pot.
> >
> > 	I'm sure we all remember who helped the MOST to keep them in power
> > (and how many MORE died as a result of it) -- Uncle Sam...
Jerry wrote:

> Did the US help the most to keep Pol Pot in power? I'm not so sure about
> that. The Khymer Rouge received, especially in the early period, large
> amounts of material assistance, including military aid, from China. For
background on this topic, I
> recommend viewing "The Killing Fields."


For background on this I would recommend Noam Chomsky's "Necessary Illusions"
where he talks about the differences between the slaughters in East Timor and
the slaughters in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge both of which however were
supported by the U.S. and other "democracies".  Chomsky points out that the
usefuleness, so to speak of the Khmer Rouge slaughter was that it was carried
out by "an official enemy" at a time whem it was highly functional in
"helping to overcome the 'Vietnam syndrome' and to restore popular support
for U.S. intervention and violence in the Third World 'in defense against the
Pol Pots'".

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