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> Jim Jaszewski wrote:
> > 	I'm sure we all remember who helped the MOST to keep them in power
> > (and how many MORE died as a result of it) -- Uncle Sam...
> Did the US help the most to keep Pol Pot in power? I'm not so sure about
> that. The Khymer Rouge received, especially in the early period, large
> amounts of material assistance, including military aid, from China.

	I wasn't ignoring China -- I thought that was a given here.  I
should have stated China's crime too, explicitly.

> Furthermore, the Khymer Rouge owed a large amount of its ideological
> inspiration to Maoism. Of course, one could argue that Maoists under
> Pol Pot distorted Mao's position (during the Cultural Revolution) regarding
> the advantages of re-educating those citizens infected by bourgeois
> culture and pro-imperialist thinking. For background on this topic, I
> recommend viewing "The Killing Fields."

	Who hasn't seen that? (Maybe some Maoist monk in a cave

	Speaking of `Year Zero':

	I've always cherished the notion that, when The People come to
power worldwide, :> they adopt the *French Revolutionary Calendar* --
_fuck_ the Gregorian Calendar!  (are we in Fructidor yet??  :)

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