Witnesses at Ipperwash

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Subject: Ipperwash Eyewitness Statement

        Ipperwash Provincial Park Occupation
        By Pottawatiml and Ojibway men, women and children

        September 9, 1995

        Witness who was there from beginning - Roger Abraham George

        On Tuesday, September 5, 1995, a group of Stoney Point people
including myself and a few supporters were at the Parkview drive
entrance to Immperwash Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada).  We had it
blocked with a garbage dumpster.  Police activity was heavy and they
left.  We figured something was up.  They returned around 11:10 pm.
Bernard George and others went down to the entrance.  A few came back
and reproted phone wire running along.  They cut it.  Bernard by himself
went to the front gate and others came back.  He had a 2 way radio and
another had a radio at another entrance.

        I had a police scanner and heard the cops say, "There in one
along the road. I think he has a weapon"  "Yes, he has a weapon."  "No,
it's only a stick."  This is what he heard.  All he heard.  All he had
was a 2 way radio.

        A car was coming down the entrance.  Lots of cops in riot gear,
black in colour plastic shields lined up from side to side in 2 rows.
There was 10 feet between us and them.  We waited for them to ask us to
leave but nothing was said.  They did not even try to serve any kind of
papers on us.

        We told them to leave and get the f... off our land. We started
to get on the trunk  of the car making noises on a garbage container
trying to get them to leave. I heard the cop yell "retreat as far as the
road".  They went on outside the fence. I got 10 feet away from them.
The cops started hitting shields and metal riot sticks. We heard,
"Attack".  They attacked us.  We fought for a few minutes but were
outnumbered. They retreated. They  yell   "He slipped" (Bernard George).
They were dragging him toward a vehicle and started beating and kicking
him.   He was on the ground and being kicked by a bunch of cops
surrounding him.

        I heard someone say, "Get in the bus and run the bastards over."
My son Nicholas Cottrelle got in the bus and hit the garbage container
pushing it towards the cops.  The cops were on each side of the road.
The buses backed up when gun shots were fired by the cops.  I assumed
they were warning shots.  I looked back at the flash from the guns
pointed in our direction.  "Holy, f...., they are shooting at us.  Run."
Anthony Brian George was between me and cops.  Next thing I heard was
that Dudley George had been hit.

        They carried Dudley back to the park.  I directed the bus
through.  Put him in a car and wait for an ambulance.  I was going to
the store in the park to call ambulance. Somebody was already there.  My
son said he was OK and I saw the blood spot on his back.

        "Come here", and lifted up his shirt and saw a hole on the right
side of his shoulder blade. "Does it hurt"   I pointed to left and saw a
wound 2 inches long, jumped into a car to call another ambulance.

        We arrived at the gatehouse.  Dudley's brothers and sister were
already rushing him to hospital.  My wife told  someone to call
ambulance.  We drove to the Hiway 21 roadblock.  The cops refused to let
us through and we almost got arrested.  We had to take him through the
roadblock.  The cops stopped us and made the boy get out of the car and
put his hands on the car.

        They finally took him to hospital.

        Statement of Roger Abraham George of Stoney Point.

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