Stalin and Comintern

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Mon Sep 11 05:15:20 MDT 1995

Louis want to tell us that the problem of CP of US was the Comintern legacy.
In Russia didn't understand the specific situation, the traditions of the US
working class, etc. The problem in Stalinism or Trotskyism was the
Internationalism. Unluckely you hadn't a Gramsci.
Well, I live in a country, Italy, where a realistic version of "Gramscist"
Party was. After the II World war the CP arrived to receive 30% in the
election.(and over the 20% inthe Cominform period). A storm (real storm) of
famous writers, singers, poets were around o inside  the party.(now many of
them didn't want remember this shameful history) The CP built the most
important union in the country. In a 40 million abitants  country the party
had 2 million of members. The youth organisation arrived at 200.000-300.000
members, the womans organisations more 100000. The party had deep roots in
the country. The most important western CP party in the world. In the 1989
finished  from morning to evening.(remember they were the champions of
Euro-communism).It's a story that remember another story, in a different way
of course, the fall of SPD in the 1914.
Please don't tell about the differences between Italy and US......

P.s.:I don't think there are many Italian CP History in U.S. but in English
language there is
"A History of contemporary  Italy"  by Paul Ginsborg. He 's not a trotskyst
historian but described very well che capacity of Togliatti & C. to turn the
working class in reformism, what, at the end , the Stalin will.

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