Unproductive labor: imperialist countries

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> Dear mim3:
> In your last post, you seem to use the words "whites" and "white-collar
> workers" interchangeably.  Was that a mistake?

MIM replies: Right, I was telescoping too much. Whites became a majority
white collar workers in that same 1980 Census, so on a group level
we mush the two things together.

When we speak of a country's working class, we make a generalization.
In the imperialist countries, the working class is a majority
or headed to a majority of parasites. Within the borders of
the United States, the Euro-Amerikan workers have such a small
proportion of productive laborers that it is not possible for
them to form a class. Rather we have scattered pockets of exploited
white workers who are on the whole influenced by the far more
numerous white-collar class.

Pat for the Maoist Internationalist Movement

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