Antifascism, Militant/ Re: Challenge to Cockshott

Paul Cockshott wpc at
Sun Sep 10 22:19:51 MDT 1995

Jeff Booth writes
How many ultra-lefts, Red Wankers or whatever have ever been in

I take it that this is a jibe at Red Action and the WPS.
Matt Lygate, the leading figure in the WPS, served 14 years
in Scottish prisons as a result of his party activities.
Patrick Hayes, a leading militant of Red Action is presently
serving a long prison sentence as a result of his actions
as an IRA volunteer.

Significant numbers of other Red Action members have served
time for anti-fascist activity. But the objective of political
activity is not to get arrested. If you are arrested and
imprisoned then it may be the result of necessary risks, but
it may as likely indicate poor tactics and security.

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