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Paul Cockshott wpc at
Sun Sep 10 22:33:05 MDT 1995

On the origins of the anti-poll tax unions. The first was
set up in Maryhill ( a district of Glasgow ) in April 1987
at the initiative of Linda Garthland and Matt Lygate,
both of whom were WPS activists. By January 1988 the Union
had over 2000 paid up members in the Maryhill area.

The I was involved in setting up the first union in the
west of Scotland in Leith in the summer of 1987.
By the end of 87 there was already a federation of local
Anti-Poll Tax unions in the Edinburgh area.
This is prior to the meetings at which Jeff claims that
Militant planned the whole campaign.

Tommy has an axe to grind. For an independent source
look at Danny Burns book Poll Tax Rebellion.

> I do not claim that the WPS led the anti poll tax campaign.
> The WPS initiated it and organised the first anti-poll tax
> unions,

Whoa.  This is the part that gets me.  I attended a Militant meeting in
Europe in 1988 where a lot of this stuff was starting and /or being
planned by Militant.

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