Stalin and the Comintern

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Mon Sep 11 14:18:27 MDT 1995

Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Unless you summarize for me how the 21 points "does relate to our
> contemporary understanding of Leninist party organization", I'm going to
> have to remain uncharacteristically silent.
Following October, many radical groups that were organized along
different lines than the Bolsheviks and had different positions on major
political questions became affiliated with the Third International. At
first, Lenin welcomed these other groups who were inspired by October and
the new Soviet government.

In the "21 points" for the CI, Lenin summarized _conditions_
(organizational and political) for membership in the CI. This change in
policy by Lenin was influenced by his understanding of developments in
Hungary, Bavaria and, I believe, Italy. The "21 points" are very short.
Anyone who reads them will understand what I am getting at.


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