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I've put a new paper, by Bhupinder Singh on Information Technology from
an Indian perspective, on the marxism archive.

It has been rough and readily htmled, and is available via our WWW site.
As always, however, there are a multitude of other ways to get hold of
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The opening paragraph or so are appended below.

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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 12:09:00 PDT
From: Bhupinder <bhupi at>
Subject: Article on IT

                   The Future is Here, Almost


While we were not looking, the future arrived.

It did not arrive the way popular science fiction works had
predicted - with personal rocket trips to Mars on weekends et al.
It arrived as a social, cultural, informational and technological
revolution more world-changing than the futurists could have
dreamed. This change is so headlong and profound that it is
more than difficult to come to terms with or even grasp, let
alone understand it.

Within the lifetime of people who have barely got beyond
middle age, human society and the relations of people within
them have undergone a sort of  economic and sociological
earthquake. To a large extent technological change, since the
Industrial revolution, has not so much been derived from as it
has driven this cataclysmic change.

The G-7 group correctly sums up the phenomenon when it
says that  information technology is the engine of economic
growth today . In the economically advanced countries, this is
specially true. According to the US Congressional Office of
Technology Assessment, about 73 million of the nation s 129
million workforce already has information jobs. Within this
century, the total number of this workforce is expected to rise to
86 million.


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