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EXTERNAL                              AI Index: AMR 41/20/95
                                      23 August 1995

Further information on UA 201/95 (AMR 41/17/95, 15 August 1995) -
Fear of torture/Fear of "disappearance"

MEXICO          Santos SOTO RAMIREZ, 27, Indian peasant activist
                Macario DE LA CRUZ MARTINEZ, 27, Indian peasant

Amnesty International has learned that Santos Soto Ramirez and
Macario de la Cruz Martinez, the two Indian peasant activists whom
it feared were at risk of "disappearance" after being detained on
11 August 1995, are now in prison.

Their detentions were acknowledged between 14 and 15 August although
reports indicate that they have not been able to receive visits from
lawyers, doctors or relatives.  Santos Soto Ramirez is in the Prison
of Pacho Viejo, Jalapa, state of Veracruz and Macario de la Cruz
Martinez is in the Prison of Tantoyuca, Veracruz.  They have
reportedly been accused of 12 murders.  Amnesty International fears
that they have been ill-treated and tortured while in unacknowledged

+ Supporters of Amnesty International around the world are  +
+ writing urgent appeals in response to the concerns        +
+ described above. If you would like to join with them in   +
+ this action or have any queries about the Urgent Action   +
+ network or Amnesty International in general, please       +
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