Stalin and the Comintern

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Mon Sep 11 17:59:28 MDT 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> No argument on Stalin and the Comintern's heavy handed interference. But
> this is with a lot of hindsight in a totally different political climate =
> situation but anyway......

=09Scott:  Louis' point is EXACTLY about recognizing this stuff *AS=20
IT HAPPENS*.  20/20 hindsight is beside the point in the PRESENT.  We=20
study past mistakes in order to not make future ones.

=09One of the reasons we call the CPUSA `stalinist', is because of
this unwillingness to take any responsibility in the present for ongoing
tendencies to similar pathologies.  Stop making apologies for the CPUSA.

> Few people know for example the role that a Japanese Communist, sent by t=
> Comintern to the US, played in helping to found the CPUSA.

=09I'd like to hear more about this. (Iwao, you listening? :)

 The Comintern was
> objectively a necessary step in the development of a world working class =
> Communist movement. So in this sense Stalin was right.

=09Ya, right.  Like you need to be a rocket scientist to figger THAT

 Those who were seen
> as attacking the Comintern would indeed lose there support in the party.
> Actually even the movie 'Reds' about John Reed gives a better more rounde=
> view of the Comintern than you present here.

=09Stop defending Stalin (and you wonder why we call the CPUSA

> Only someone ignorant of US labor and left history would imply that peopl=
> like William Z. Foster, Big Bill Haywood, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, William
> Weinstone and Robert Minor were 'obedient fools.'

=09Gawd, is this the 60's all  over again??   :<

> Draper was a story teller and writer with his own axes to grind, I've rea=
> the originals too. But that ain't history, it's his bent and his anecdota=
> perceptions which are quite wrong at times. Just a small example. Stalin,=
> his speech that you quote Draper as quoting did not just dress down
> Lovestone as you describe. He took both factions to task: "Both groups ar=
> guilty of the fundamental error of exaggerating the specific features of
> American imperialism.... This exaggeration lies at the root of every
> opportunistic error committed by both the *majority and the minority* gro=

=09Ya, let's be fair to Comrade Stalin...

> Stalin took on American Exceptionalism in the meeting also and said that =
> US party must take into account the specific features of US capitalism, b=
> it must not base it's work on only those features and ignore the general
> features of world capitalism.

=09_This_ from the Father of Socialism In One Country??  Gimme a break.

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