Lenin on the future of the labor movement

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"On the one hand, there is the tendency  of the
bourgeoisie and the opportunists to convert
a handful of very rich and privileged nations
into 'eternal' parasites on the body of the rest
of mankind, to 'rest on the laurels' of the
exploitation of Negroes, Indians, etc., keeping
them in subjection with the aid of excellent
weapons of extermination provided by modern
militarism. On the other hand, there is the
tendency of the ITAL masses END, who are more
oppressed than before and who bear the  whole
brunt of imperialist wars, to cast off this yoke
and to overthrow the bourgeoisie. It is in
the struggle between these tendencies that
the history of the labour movement will now inevitably

Lenin, "Imperialism and the Split in Socialism"

This quote will not appeal to those not claiming Lenin in
their tradition. For those who do, they should notice
some points above:

1) It was not Lenin or MIM that split the working class;
the imperialists did it.
2) Of the two tendencies above, the tendency of the
masses has lost out so far this century on the whole.
3) Lenin did not say the issue of the labor aristocracy
was one of ethnicity alone. In fact, it was an issue
for "the labour movement."

The course of class struggle this century does matter to
those claiming our Marxist-Leninist tradition. Had
revolutions ended capitalism in 1920 or 1930, things would
be different--without a split in the working class.

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