Stalin and the Comintern

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Mon Sep 11 20:06:00 MDT 1995

>	One of the reasons we call the CPUSA `stalinist', is because of
>this unwillingness to take any responsibility in the present for ongoing
>tendencies to similar pathologies.  Stop making apologies for the CPUSA.

This is jargon Jim. What "ongoing tendencies and similar pathologies." I'm
not going to make any apologies nor try to answer broad sweeping
generalities. Why don't you stop kneejerk reactions and talk turkey. Stop
using "Stalinism" as a lazy shortcut for your own narrow political prejuducies.

>	Stop defending Stalin (and you wonder why we call the CPUSA

Recognizing and discussing the issues involved in the Comintern is *not*
defending Stalin - your simplistic Stalin, Stalin na na na booboo is not
argument nor very enlightening.

>> Only someone ignorant of US labor and left history would imply that people
>> like William Z. Foster, Big Bill Haywood, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, William
>> Weinstone and Robert Minor were 'obedient fools.'
>	Gawd, is this the 60's all  over again??   :<

You'll have to explain this, I don't get it.

>> Stalin took on American Exceptionalism in the meeting also and said that the
>> US party must take into account the specific features of US capitalism, but
>> it must not base it's work on only those features and ignore the general
>> features of world capitalism.
>	_This_ from the Father of Socialism In One Country??  Gimme a break.

This just proves that your rejection of Stalinism is based on simplistic
non-understanding of what the issues really were facing the movement. If you
think of Stalin as some kind card board cut out who went around yelling off
with their heads, revolution in one country, then you'll learn nothing from
the mistakes of Stalinism.

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