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Mon Sep 11 20:11:44 MDT 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Jim Jaszewski wrote:

> On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:
> > MIM replies: if factually true the above is bad. The "La Gringa" thing
> > has the taste of a police concocted story, however. We should try to
> > look harder at the social composition of the PCP-led movement.
> 	I agree that it has that `feel' to it, but then there are
> Sendero's many crimes...
> > Are you meaning to say if one militant makes a gross mistake you
> > should call off the revolution? Do you fantasize that the masses
> > and PCP army militants are perfect? Are there any revolutions that have
> > occurred that you supported that didn't have such violence?
> > How does picking at one case of violence to typify a revolution
> > differ from the tactics of the police?
> 	Such ultra-left violence has shown again and again that it ends
> up COSTING the People's support -- and the Revolution.  Hell -- even if
> they win, every indication is of Pol Pot II...

MIM replies: You didn't answer my question: "Are there
any revolutions that have occurred that you supported that
didn't have such violence?"

Nihilism--a generally destructive approach--is easy. Intellectuals
are prone to it, because their careers are built on picking
apart ideas and making their own seem "original." That is their
role in the productive process so to speak.

If your ideas about what is "COSTING" support are true,
then there should be some evidence in revolutions that succeeded.
These days, from the ultraleft--the real Trotskyists, and the
real anarchists--and the right, such as the social-democratic wannabes
so common in the de-Sovietization process--there is a general
avoidance of WHAT WORKS in bringing about class struggle victoriously.
Across the board there is a return to pre-science,
a return to pre-Marxist ideology--a secular religion of communism.

> > If you are meaning to ask about this case of violence, then why don't you
> > also print the PCP 's self-criticisms for killing the wrong people sometimes
> > that are spray-painted on buildings in Peru?
> 	This is an excuse??

MIM replies: Excuse for what? You haven't established anything factually
important yet.

> > MIM replies: I gather from your reprinting this part without comment
> > that you haven't studied this deeply yet. Since that time these
> > IU people you talk about helped engineer Fujimori to power. He
> > abolished what you call "the legal Left;" albeit partially by
> > incorporating some of its ever-putrid elements.
> >
> > Have you no shame for what the IU path led to? Fujimori now leads
> > a military dictatorship openly. This is in contrast to the
> > covert military dictatorship of social-democratic figleaf regimes
> > in the past.
> 	You think the answer to Social Democrat perfidy is assassination
> and Terror??

MIM replies: Again more nihilist questions without substantiation.
Are you a pacifist too? I respect anarchist pacifism. It's very
consistent and it doesn't usually claim to be Marxist.
> > The central fact is this: Peru's "legal Left" has remarkable
> > flexibility in serving in Parliament and military regimes in
> > craven capitulation. The only organization otherwise--and
> > there was every stripe imaginable in Peru, Trots, Deng Xiaopingers,
> > social-dems etc--the only other organization to actually be independent
> > of the government was the pro-Cuban group, and even that one
> > dissolved in 1993. Now it is PCP vs. the military dictatorship.
> > That's all.
> 	I'm sure Sendero has had a BIG hand in creating this sad
> situation...
MIM replies: This is absolutely new in my years of defending the
PCP. I have only seen this on the Marxism List: blame the PCP
for the weakness of ideological tendencies completely unconnected
to it. Always I hear people say the PCP is unaffiliated with the "legal
Left" and why doesn't it "reason" with the state and its social-democratic
elements? Never do I hear this other critique that the PCP is to
blame for the failure of petty-bourgeois moveemnts that criticized PCP
for being isolated from them.

If you mean the laboring masses and (over the years) the youth have seen
through the uselessness of the "legal Left," I would blame that first
on the "legal Left," second on the state, but now that you mention it,
the successful example of the PCP. The rise of the PCP showed the
masses that they didn't have to put up with the perpetual begging
and capitulation of the parliamentary cretins.

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