Unproductive labor: imperialist countries

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Mon Sep 11 20:24:02 MDT 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Zodiac wrote:

> On Sun, 10 Sep 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote
> > Engels in Heaven beckons me not to reply to calls for undialectical
> > refutations of linear propositions; however, I cannot resist the
> > demons.
> Nor should you be allowed to "resist" it, considering you opened this
> whole thing with the linear illogic of
>   The western proletariat = b
>   The western proletariat = c
>   Therefore b yields c.

MIM replies: Fair enough. I can see how you got that; although
I think my later posts show more of how class struggle this
century is underlying the consequences I started us looking at.

> MIM employs tinker toy Marxism with an eye to encouraging a fundamental
> rift in the international proletariat... (as if it needs help right now).
> I suppose one shouldn't be surprised at this, since Maoists don't have
> anything to do with the proletariat. They are peasantists. (And the
> ultimate sectarians carrying the answer to the suffering of the masses in
> their hip pocket.)
[The rest deleted.]

I post the Lenin quotes in response to this. However, if Maoists
are "peasantists," that recommends them to the majority of people
this century. However, perhaps Zodiac thinks there was no revolutionary
struggle against feudalism necessary this century? Or that
peasants cannot take up nationalism against imperialism? More
likely Zodiac just belongs to a tradition that had nothing to
do with revolution against feudalism and hence finds h/hself
compelled to ignore feudalism, write off Third World peoples
or deny that feudalism ever existed.

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