Stalin and the Comintern

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Mon Sep 11 20:35:26 MDT 1995

  In the "21 points" for the CI, Lenin summarized _conditions_
  (organizational and political) for membership in the CI. This change in
  policy by Lenin was influenced by his understanding of developments in
  Hungary, Bavaria and, I believe, Italy. The "21 points" are very short.
  Anyone who reads them will understand what I am getting at.

  Look, Jerry, why don't you just come out and say it: Lenin was part of
  the problem, not the solution. Don't be coy.

  The legacy and understanding of Leninism as it relates to
  organizational structure and as it is simplistically and dogmatically
  interpreted by many current "Leninist" groups is part of the problem.
  Does that make you feel better, Louis?

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