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>Ralph, just ignore them. Just put their postings in the trash. I am
>now doing it every morning as I get to work - it has a most cathartic
>effect --- the dust bin of history and all that.
>They are all about splitting the working class along national and
>ethnic lines - they are scum --- and very bad dressers to boot!
>Ralph wrote the following (poor frustrated soul):
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>> MIM has plenty of opportunity elsewhere in cyberspace to present
>> their position.  They are conspicuous and well represented
>> elsewhere.  Also, these issues have been done to death in other
>> online groups, and they tend to choke off the discussion of
>> anyting new.  As much as I hate academics, this is still very much
>> a scholarly group.  If this list continues to be overwhelmed by
>> the presence of MIM or any other Maoist scum, I will unsubscribe
>> and take as many people with me as I can.
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Say no to Maoism on the net.  I must say that I've gone through the
cathartic phase and now I'm just sick of them.  Can't they make it a little
more colourful if they have to annoy me - how about using those Maoist
classics like 'flunkey', 'running dog', 'lackey', etc.

I must say, however, that I was interested to hear from Maoists who don't
support the Khmer Rouge.  Every Maoist I've met has.  There are still two
of them at a particular South Australian university who wear Mao hats and
praise Brother #1.  Both come from bourgeois backgrounds.  They are not
listened to by very many people and are derided by other tavern-dwellers as
'The Pol Pot Appreciation Society'.  They are really very boring.

MIM is too.  Do you really think I read your dogma?  It's hard enough now
to read all of the interesting material on this list without having to wade
through Maoist slime.

pissed off,



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