Shining Path and Ridgway

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Mon Sep 11 21:26:11 MDT 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:

> > =09Such ultra-left violence has shown again and again that it ends=20
> > up COSTING the People's support -- and the Revolution.  Hell -- even if=
> > they win, every indication is of Pol Pot II...
> MIM replies: You didn't answer my question: "Are there
> any revolutions that have occurred that you supported that
> didn't have such violence?"

=09We're not talking about crimes during wartime -- we're talking=20
about Party POLICY.

> Nihilism--a generally destructive approach--is easy. Intellectuals
> are prone to it, because their careers are built on picking
> apart ideas and making their own seem "original." That is their
> role in the productive process so to speak.
> If your ideas about what is "COSTING" support are true,
> then there should be some evidence in revolutions that succeeded.
> These days, from the ultraleft--the real Trotskyists, and the
> real anarchists--and the right, such as the social-democratic wannabes
> so common in the de-Sovietization process--there is a general=20
> avoidance of WHAT WORKS in bringing about class struggle victoriously.
> Across the board there is a return to pre-science,
> a return to pre-Marxist ideology--a secular religion of communism.

=09I'm sure that's too often the case, but you would be wrong to
imply that your organization is the only one willing to bite the bullet...=

> > > If you are meaning to ask about this case of violence, then why don't=
> > > also print the PCP 's self-criticisms for killing the wrong people so=
> > > that are spray-painted on buildings in Peru?
> >=20
> > =09This is an excuse??
> MIM replies: Excuse for what? You haven't established anything factually
> important yet.

=09Hey -- YOU'RE the one bringing this shit up.  Since when does a=20
`We're sorry' scribbled on an alley wall make up for a senseless=20
political murder??

> > =09You think the answer to Social Democrat perfidy is assassination
> > and Terror??=20
> MIM replies: Again more nihilist questions without substantiation.
> Are you a pacifist too? I respect anarchist pacifism. It's very
> consistent and it doesn't usually claim to be Marxist.

=09I think the record of the Communist Party of Peru is
well-documented enough that I don't need to defend my assertion to you...=

> > =09I'm sure Sendero has had a BIG hand in creating this sad
> > situation...=20
> >=20
> MIM replies: This is absolutely new in my years of defending the
> PCP. I have only seen this on the Marxism List: blame the PCP
> for the weakness of ideological tendencies completely unconnected
> to it.

=09This is pretty hypocritical.  We're talking about SLAUGHTERING=20
people here -- not to mention ALIENATING them...

 Always I hear people say the PCP is unaffiliated with the "legal=20
> Left" and why doesn't it "reason" with the state and its social-democrati=
> elements? Never do I hear this other critique that the PCP is to
> blame for the failure of petty-bourgeois moveemnts that criticized PCP
> for being isolated from them.

=09Like the stalinists, you maoists apparently are incapable of
admitting that core policies of your parties were/are GRIEVOUSLY mistaken.=

> If you mean the laboring masses

=09Laboring masses??  You mean the People?

 and (over the years) the youth have seen
> through the uselessness of the "legal Left," I would blame that first
> on the "legal Left," second on the state, but now that you mention it,
> the successful example of the PCP. The rise of the PCP showed the
> masses that they didn't have to put up with the perpetual begging
> and capitulation of the parliamentary cretins.

=09I cringe at the thought of the PCP taking power in Peru - or

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