Expulsions ans purges

JOSEPHH at bullwinkle.econ.su.oz.au JOSEPHH at bullwinkle.econ.su.oz.au
Mon Sep 11 23:26:00 MDT 1995

>From Joseph Halevi

I truly do not think  this is a serious list. If people want to put
their collective mind to revitilize the political and intellectual
project of liberation and emancipation, it is absolutely necessary to
follow some kind of  intellectual discipline. There as so many
complex questions to sort out !! In my view the penetration of the
maoist whatever group, is an indication of the poor state of the list.
Why did'nt they entered the Post-Keynesian list, for instance? After
all they talk about society etc, so they too  are a political constituency.

In any case, I never had so much highly concentrated ant-marxism
infused into me since reading the stuff that comes through this net.


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