Stalin and the Comintern

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Louis wrote:
>Trotsky was a great historian and political analyst. I continue to draw
>upon ideas and methodology I have learned from him. This should have been
>obvious in my post on WWII. The idea of starting a movement centered on
>his writings has been a horrible mistake.
It has led to the most bizarre kinds of cult-formations.

Ok Louis there are (and were) many trotskyists sects with a cult of
personality, etc. (I want begin to study them but few help me for the
sources). It's a tragedy. But who didnt' accept the logic of the stalinism
what did to do in the '30, in the '40, in the '50? Come back home or stay in
silence in the CP? Didn't interesting about the foreign politics? We must
learn from Castro? Maybe  but I can't forget his agreement about the kill of
"Praga Spring" by hand of Russian army. I can't forget his photographs
(when? this years, the last years?) togheter the Mexican President during
the Zapatista uspring.He ask  all over the world an internationalist aid but
his foreign politics was alway nationalistic also in the period of Angola's
Another thing: the CP's all over the world have not only a legacy with
stalinism but they are reformists. They work in the unions, in the
parliamant with a reformist politics. The problem is not to cry about the
revolution but defend really the wages, the life of workers, etc. togheter
with the socialist programm.
I give you two little example:
1. the italian CP always defended (and Rifondazione today defend) the
italian economy, because if you are for YOUR ECONOMY YOU DEFEND YOUR JOB.
Where is the "Leninism"?
2. When there was the period of red terrorism, the revolutionary left in
Italy was against it. We said :"When there is the terrorism we are weaker,
the police control and jail the fighting workers and students". But the CP
repression hited not only the terrorists but also the revolutionary left
many investiganting magistrate was......CP members.Without continue not to
consider Trotsky, when Lenin was for the defence of the democratic state? Or
about the repression of the socialists?
I'm sectarian? Maybe but I can't forget.
I can continue to tell about what was (and what is) the living (not
theorical) politic of the CP's. Maybe when they were little as well as in GB
or USA they were more radical but in Italy, in France, ecc where they were
strong, their real nature was clear (if you are not blind).
Now in France today the CP receive  about 8% votes and Trotskyist Lutte
Ouvriere 5%. All analysis of France presidential election say that the vore
for Lutte Ouvriere is more worker vote than CP. LO today receive  respect,
and in any case the support, of the vanguard workers. Now the CP leaders
can't say to the workers:" They are few and sectarians!". Of course LO isn't
the Party of the socialist revolution , but an example that the
revolutionary ideas can work. The faith of the  Trotskyism is not the
About these questions we can continue the debate around two questions:
1. The idea of "stage's revolution" (maybe I don't know the english term,
but I hope you understand) and the "worker-peasant governament". (and here I
near more to Bordiga than Trotsky)
2. The relative progressive role that the new CP's (after 1989's
catastrophe) in some country can play.

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