Expulsions and purges

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Tue Sep 12 03:20:42 MDT 1995

> From Joseph Halevi
> I truly do not think  this is a serious list. If people want to put
> their collective mind to revitilize the political and intellectual
> project of liberation and emancipation, it is absolutely necessary to
> follow some kind of  intellectual discipline. There as so many
> complex questions to sort out !! In my view the penetration of the
> maoist whatever group, is an indication of the poor state of the list.
> Why did'nt they entered the Post-Keynesian list, for instance?

It's certainly true that "there are so many complex questions to sort
out" and that "some kind of intellectual discipline" is needed. However,
Pat's (mim3) presence on the list does not show that this is not a
serious list. Precisely because Marxists are communicating with each
other internationally on serious questions, Pat has joined. How could we
expect it to be otherwise? It is a reflection of one of the strengths of
the list, rather than the fundamental weakness.

Joseph is understandably frustrated. I can see why given the content of
the threads that have been discussed since he joined a short time ago. To
see what is possible on this list, I would recommend that he check-out
the marxism archives. He will find a great wealth of serious discussion
and also a large amount of nonsense. I think you just have to take the
good with the bad.

Why didn't Pat join PKT? Now that's a weird question, I must say. PKT
(Post-Keynesian Thought) is a list made up almost exclusively of
professional economists. I'm on PKT and have found much of the discussion
not very "serious" in the sense that many evade theoretical and practical
issues and have little sense of the political (for instance, recent
dismissive comments regarding socialism and a belief that the Fed can
effectively regulate the macroeconomy through "wise" policy come to mind).

OK, let's start by expelling Pat. Next, let's expell all others on the
list who are members of political tendencies and defend the "party line."
Next, let's expell those who don't consider themselves Marxists (like
Chris S. and Leo C.). Next, expell all those who have theoretical and/or
political positions that we find objectionable (shouldn't Steve K. be
expelled for his position on surplus value?). Next, let's expell all
those who don't vote for the above expulsions. Next, expell all those who
have used objectionable language to describe other list members (like
"a_____le"). Next, let's expell all those who are dismissive and/or

Fine. What will be left? A large, empty hole in cyberspace.


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