The Last Reply to MIM

Zodiac zodiac at
Tue Sep 12 06:09:04 MDT 1995

Ya. No more after this. I promise.

All MIM posts to this mailbox will be forwarded to /dev/null . If anyone
using the UNIX mailreader elm and pine wants to learn email filtering, lemme

Hopefully it'll be a tiny step toward decreasing the noise on an already
heavily trafficed list.

Admittedly, I will miss out on the MIM oriented discussions about white
devils and the decadent/diseased working class... but that is a sacrifice I
am willing to bear for you, my sisters and brothers, for whom I give my all.
Also, it will give me more time to catch up on my Danielle Steel novels and
there's so much good stuff on my 500-channel satellite dish. And the boss
says that I can ride around in his new Rolls after I clean his pool.


I originally summarized MIM's opening (stock) article thusly:

>>   The western proletariat = b
>>   The western proletariat = c
>>   Therefore b yields c.

and pointed out this is a poor argument in a variety of ways.

> MIM replies: Fair enough. I can see how you got that; although
> I think my later posts show more of how class struggle this
> century is underlying the consequences I started us looking at.

You have merely made further blind assertions of faith -- this time tossing
out a couple of references to Holy Works. You have not demonstrated a society
which exploits its working class through digital sweatshops is intrinsically
more "racist" or "decadent" than a society which exploits its working class
through factory sweatshops.

> I post the Lenin quotes in response to this.

How overwhelming an argument.

> However, if Maoists
> are "peasantists," that recommends them to the majority of people
> this century.

But not the proletariat. Fair enough, then. We can part in agreement.

MIM are radical peasantists -- and the peasant hatred of the urban
proles is as old as the proletariat itself. Read a few more MIM
postings to see for yourself.

Pat closes his post on a humorous note. Being a good sectarian, he
struggles valiantly to place me into a "set group," those comfortable
slots that make all the tinker toys fit so easily. If Pat can locate
one's "set group," Pat can then dip into the reservoir of pre-packaged
MIM articles as "discussion".

However, Pat, not being able to deduce my set group, must engage in a rather
warm and squishy groping:

> However, perhaps Zodiac thinks...

> Or [Zodiac must think]...

> More likely Zodiac just...

At any rate -- Karl Marx and his theories live and die in the
proletariat. Lenin was also inextricably grounded in the proletariat. I
am not condemning the peasant class nor their great revolutions,
spanning centuries. However, I am condemning your pathological
prole-hating wrapped in the name of Karl Marx.

To employ a net-ism... Could you move back just a little, there, Pat...
little more... a little more... a leeeetle more... that's it. Don't



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