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Tue Sep 12 07:18:51 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:

Well, goodbye to you, Timothy. This is directed to you and our last
critic Joseph Halevi. This list does contain fluff and low-level rants
from time to time. This of course decreases when I'm on vacation.

But speaking as somebody who subscribes to New Left Review, Monthly
Review, Science and Society and who has read widely in Marxist literature
for over 28 years now, I will assure you that when this list is focused in
on an important subject like the former Yugoslavia, the labor theory of
value, Marxist dialectics, the NEP, etc., there is no other place in the
world that has as sustained and as a high-level discussion within a Marxist
context than this list.

It is also the only place in the world where you'll find discussion that
crosses national lines (Japan, Germany, England, Australia, USA, Canda).
It is also the only place where discussion that cuts across party lines
(CP, Trotskyist, etc.) takes place with less animosity than it does here.

I would argue that this list in its embryonic form represents the kind of
socialist organization that is needed world-wide as we approach the 21st

On Tue, 12 Sep 1995, Timothy Burke wrote:

> Well, thought I'd pop in and see what the marxism list is like.
> It makes the postcolonial list look like paradise. Ugh.
> As someone keen to continue thinking about and through marxian theory and
> practice, I find this list in its present state powerfully depressing and
> as damning a statement about the current state of marxism as you could ask
> for.
> Time to unsubscribe.
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