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At 9:48 PM 9/11/95, Kenneth Mostern wrote:

>As someone who has defended a version of third worldism on this list, I
>just wanted to say that I ran into a version of this horrifying line in a
>hot tub at a Mendocino County bed and breakfast.  (And yes, that's what this
>California marxist professional does with his once a year four day vacation--
>at least back, two months ago, when I lived in California.)  I was stunned.
>What do you
>say to someone, claiming to be a radical and sitting in a hot tub in a
>bourgeois setting, who says that American workers deserve less than they
>have?  I said something like I thought there was quite enough capital in
>the world for all the workers to get to sit in hot tubs and I didn't wish
>anyone a lower standard of living, as a matter of fact.  In any other
>setting I'm sure I'd have acted truly furious, but I was trying to relax.

Several years ago I sat stunned with amazement as Juliet Schor told a class
at the Center for Popular Economics' annual summer institute that the US
standard of living was just too high. An autoworker (African-American, a
detail not irrelevant to the discussion of vulgar Third Worldism) in the
class exploded with rage at this notion. It was quite a sight to watch a
Harvard prof lecturing the autoworker that he was living too well.



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