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On Tue, 12 Sep 1995 glevy at wrote:

> Timothy Burke wrote:
> >
> > Well, thought I'd pop in and see what the marxism list is like.
> > It makes the postcolonial list look like paradise. Ugh.
> > As someone keen to continue thinking about and through marxian theory and
> > practice, I find this list in its present state powerfully depressing and
> > as damning a statement about the current state of marxism as you could ask
> > for.
> > Time to unsubscribe.
> > Timothy Burke
> > Swarthmore College, Department of History
> What department did you say you were in? A very interesting methodology
> you outline above. You "pop in", have no sense of the history or dynamic
> of this list, come to a conclusion based on your snapshot view, and
> unsubscribe. Very analytical.
> Jerry

MIM adds: We agree with Jerry that this is not a "very analytical"
approach that Tim took. We also agree with Louis Proyect that
there has to be an academic list somewhere for this sort of thing.

At the same time, we have been here less than 2 days, and can see
what Timothy is talking about in contradiction to Jerry. The
very same salesperson Louis Proyect finishes admitting that he
had us confused with another group and then the very next message
says he's had enough with MIM!! How "very analytical." Others
here are even worse. Several people signed on twice, once to
make insults to MIM and lay down one encyclopedia length challenge
to MIM in one sentence. Then they sign on a second time to
say they will put MIM in their kill file and MIM didn't answer
their question (within 48 hours, a period in which we were
asked about Peru, Pol Pot, "crimes" in China, how many
members we have, our line on tone, where we are, productive vs.
unproductive labor, with the latter question being the only one
we asked to open).

For those new to this list and Marxism--
ask yourself following the list of reactions to MIM's joining
this list what these kinds of reactions mean. Does it mean
unscientific domination of academic discussion lists? Does
it show an insecurity in scientific debate? We think so.

Pat for MIM

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