state of marxism list

Tue Sep 12 11:58:39 MDT 1995

Oh ye of weak stomachs!  IMO, there has been plenty of crap come and
go on this list that was as disruptive, obnoxious, unwelcome etc. as
MIM, although often in other forms.  Did we let it destroy
everything, or give up on what we know we can create here?

In response to previous spam attacks, many of us have adopted "kill"
policies, whether announced or not, to delete-without-reading certain
mail, depending on author or subject (although a lot of posters still
insist upon ignoring subject lines (and moderative reminders) so that
they are often very innacurate!)

As spoon-lists still have the policy of being unedited, uncensored,
and open to any self-selecting subscr*bers, we must work out other
ways to deal with flames and spams, etc.

Personal "kill" policies have served the sanity, aggravation level
and time constraints of many members very well, except for those
subbed to marx**m-digest, we are Sorry-Out-of-Luck in that area.
(Actually digest is still worth it to me lately, I just have to skim
or page past the spam.)

In addition to that technique, I have several other suggestions
/requests /comments /pleas:

1.  Don't quote the spam!!!  It was bad enough reading it the first
time, but lengthy quotes interspersed with somebody's comments on it
are even worse.  It reminds me of smearing feces over a wider area of
the floor, rather than just flushing it.

2.  Don't keep beating a dead horse again!  How many times must one
display one's wit and erudition in dissecting the original offending
post or source?  Besides, sometimes it's just too easy, meaning it is
no great feat anyway.

3.  Ingore it and it may go away.  I think this has worked well on
the list before.  Do let us have some initial outcry, lest silence be
taken for assent, but then, well, let's get on with other things.
After all, a party without bouncers may well be gate-crashed, but
that doesn't mean we have to talk to the boors.  It only encourages
them.  How about just enough talk to let them reveal if it is
worthwhile talking?  Followed by the silent treatment, if it is not.

4.  Re-read the "introduction" to the list that you each received at
the time you subscribed, and which Chris Burford recently quoted.
Then ask yourself if some of the stuff proliferating on the list
lately fits with the general framework for which the list was

"Just a thought," because I have _no_ way to _force_ anyone to
listen, reflect, think, refrain from knee-jerk replies, refrain from
flames, sub or unsubscrb, or anything!!


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