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Tue Sep 12 23:14:23 MDT 1995

I agree with Lisa: we shouldn't let any individual (or individuals) destroy
what we have  collectively built. We, as individuals, have alternatives
(which she specifies): we should use them (where appropriate).

Regarding Steve's proposal for an academic-marxism list, I would truly
hate to see our list divided. First, it won't solve the problem since
many of the worst offenders *are* academics. Second, it has been my
experience that the interaction between the academics, novices,
workers, and the activists frequently brings out the *best* that this
list can offer. Many of the most interesting threads on political
economy, for instance, began with questions from non-academics. Third, as
an academic, I know how stale and boring academics can get when they just
talk to each other.

I, also, want to make another point directed towards those who have a lot
of political experience. Do you remember when you first became a Marxist?
(I became one when I was a sophomore in high school). Do you think it's
fair for us to be lecturing people who are new to Marxism and telling
them, in often derisive ways, how little they know? Let's show some
patience and communicate with them as equals and comrades. This may be
hard at times, but don't you remember with fondness those who treated you
with respect when you were first beginning to learn about Marxism?


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