Expulsions and purges

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> From Joseph Halevi
> I truly do not think  this is a serious list. If people want to put
> their collective mind to revitilize the political and intellectual
> project of liberation and emancipation, it is absolutely necessary to
> follow some kind of  intellectual discipline. There as so many
> complex questions to sort out !! In my view the penetration of the
> maoist whatever group, is an indication of the poor state of the list.
> Why did'nt they entered the Post-Keynesian list, for instance?

This is what I said. Did I suggest to expel anyone? I do maintain
that the nature of the list is such that fertile ground is generated
to allow for whatever group to prosper on it.

Jerry,  just an aside:
Since when are economists 'professional' people ? Economics is nothing
but a form of political-ideological discourse. The PKT is a highly
political list! Bourgeois society has succeeded where the Communist
parties have failed : the mass creation of dialectically committed
professional political cadres: the economists. The communist cadre
was either completely committed or a traitor, no dialectics allowed!

I still believe that the marxism list is truly ugly, it will put any
reasonable person off marxism for good (do not mistake it for a
suggestion to expel any of the people who rave on it. Given the
trend, let's hope that it will become a lunatic asylum a' la Marat-Sade, at
least it will be a very intelligent list).

Best regards, Joseph Halevi

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