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Wed Sep 13 07:00:47 MDT 1995

Thank you very much for your interesting update on the various splits
involved in the breakup of  the WRP (interesting to me if not humanity in
general).  I found particularly significant your comments on Dave North's
complete cynicism over the death of Tom Henehan.  That someone could use the
murder of a comrade for such political purposes is truly sick and degenerate.

I knew Tom quite well as one of those extremely loyal, hard working "cadre"
as we used to cal them.  He was the type, I am afraid, cults love, and use as
so much cannon fodder for their cause (which usually involves the
engrandisement of the cult leader).

By the way you did not comment on Sheila Torrance's group.  Is it still in
business?  Does Vanessa still maintain her "Marxist Party"?  Has Corinna Lotz
made it back from "semblance" to Planet Earth and is she doing anything?
 What about Alan Thornett?  Is he still around?

Perhaps  more important, now that ten years has passed, is there somewhere in
the British Isles some residue from the whole Healy experience which plays a
positive role in British left politics (excluding of course your role and
that of JPlant on this list)?

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