Short History of the Japan Left (11)

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>From looking at their WWW page, I see that they accept 100%
without question the U.S.' `nuclear umbrella' `protecting' from Nippon
(from who?).

  If I got this right, then they are completely reactionary in my

JSP had had a foreign policy abondoning armed forces (or Jieitai) and
complete replacement of U.S. bases untill two years ago. In my view,
40% of members still believe in that policy. Probably 20% support
for _pausing_ that policy in order to maintain Murayama as PM.
Rest of them really want to solve the party.
Now, it's time to write about present situation.
With entirely changed programme, JSP has lost its popularity
among working class in Japan. At the last general election
when LDP split and several new conservative parties were founded,
JSP could not show a clear policy. Many supporters could not see the
difference and did not vote. The result was miserable. JSP got
only 69 seats in the lower house. The poorest result in the history
of JSP. Then consevatives beated JSP and JCP with a stick of changing
electoral system - introducing small electoral districts.
Under un-democratic party organizing, the recent JSP conference decided
to solve itself and build a new party. How opportunistic they are!
But there's a conflict among rights of the party. Some of them want to
reject SA and some of them want to utilize SA.
I cannot say it's time for SA to leave the party. Inner party struggles
are still goin' on. Certain amount of non-SA JSP members are still
wondering. We have to coordinate with most of them.
Actually hundreds of lefty members of the party started to leave the
party, however.
At the end of this month, an extra party conference is to be held.
I would report after it.

Turning eyes to labor movement. Zenrokyo (joint struggle organization of
independent unions) have succeeded in several spheres. One is organizing
foreign workers including illeagals. Another is organizing middle managers
and organizing part time workers. These spheres have not been touched by
traditional unions. So there's a positive light. However, former Sohyo
unions joining Rengou go right and right. Teachers union abandoned
its line of opposition to so-called national flag Hinomaru and national
song Kimigayo. etc.

to be continued...

# Louis, do you know whether activity of Weavers were in line of CPUSA?

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