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Wed Sep 13 10:05:46 MDT 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:
> >
> > Well Louis, we have come a long way in a short time since you
> > appear to agree with everything else I said in my post and
> > left it unchallenged and now
> > only pick at whether any North Amerikan leftists changed position
> > after the IU endorsed Fujimori. I'm sorry I'm not particularly
> > interested in handing over names of people who have integrity.
> > That is something for cops to do in their spare time.
> >
> Louis: I have to tip my hat to you for protecting the integrity of the
> leftists you cited. I'm very impressed. We certainly don't need to give the
> cops any assistance. I'm just relieved to know that you aren't just a lying,
> two-bit cultist who dreams up political support for his ultraleft
> fantasies the way Baron Munchausen made up stories.

MIM replies: I would hate to have to prove my own lack of self-delusion,
and since you just claimed that you "love" to look into these
things, I invite you to do so. Why not try available published works
before and after Fujimori dictatorship. Does Solidarity support
IU before and after Fujimori etc.?

As for my "dreams," it matters not to me if the whole Euro-Amerikan
"Left" persisted in its support for the IU/Fujimori. That would only
clarify the muddiness and make our thesis on the labor aristocracy
all the more relevant.

So I pledge to be "entertained" whatever answer you come up
with in your research and I promise not to let my dreams interfere.
Either way I will dream a) The Amerikan Left persists in its
craven support for IU b) Some of it saw the light and actually
had the ingerity to either shut up or criticize what it formerly

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