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Wed Sep 13 13:21:24 MDT 1995

On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> Non-academic non-sectarian non-Sciabarra Marxists'R'Us?  Tell me
> more about marxism-eats.

I envision the charter of Marxism-eats to focus primarily on the influence
of bourgeois cookery on the development of the working class self-image.
This list will, however, be cross-disciplinary and include lunch menus
from all major campus cafeteria. While discussions of things like Engels'
rare 1893 work _The Dialectics of Omelette_ will dominate, I fear the list
might attract post-modernist quiche-ism, Ralph. So do not subscribe

> For example, is
> Kenny's Smokehouse down the block where I get my ribs, greens, and
> cornbread a fit topic for marxism-eats?

You can eat what you like. Restaurant reviews would be encouraged and
Kenny's Smokehouse could even be informed that it got the Marxism-eats
Lists' 5 Star rating.

This would help spread the popular appeal of Marxian ideas.

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