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> Well, Scott,
> I've been meaning to get around to a partial retraction of some of my
> fiery rhetoric.

<snip> an long interesting post from Lisa

Please keep it coming. But keep in mind that I got as far as disecting the
frog in high school and have not devoted a great deal of time to the
subject. And Stalin just didn't write much about genetics or

One concept that really got me going was in the Mismeasure of Man, where
SJ maintains that really the Civil War could have gone either way and
that if the South had happened to win all progress would have simply
stopped and gone off in a different direction etc etc. And he backs this
up with examples of mutations that have been 'backwards' and led to
deadends etc. I remember thinking that this was so narrow a view as to
make Kant's 'thing in itself' look like dialectics.


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