My sacrifices

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Sep 13 14:13:37 MDT 1995

Boy, the lengths I'm willing to go to on behalf of my research! I needed
James P. Cannon's "Speeches to the Party" but it wasn't in the Columbia
libraries. I had to spend $22 for this jewel, which is larded with wisdom
such as the following: "It comes around to the point that we are the only
party, faction, tendency, or group in the whole labor movement that
stands on the old-fashioned, simple, fundamental program of the class
struggle in politics. That principle sustained the movement in the early
days when the the workers' conquest of political power was only a promise
and a hope, with nothing to prove it by. Your prospects are better and
brighter today, and they have a firm foundation in present day world

It's a wonder that anybody who passed through the SWP didn't come out
totally deranged, listening to that sort of stuff years on end. OK, NOW,

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