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Adam Bandt bandt at cleo.murdoch.edu.au
Wed Sep 13 17:23:34 MDT 1995

The text of this message was found on a leaflet distributed on campus
recently. As the text suggests, it is directed primarily against the group
of which I am a member (Left Alliance - national organisation of feminist,
socialist and progressive students) and which is prominent in the campus
representative student organisation (the Guild). You've probably all heard
it all before, but I present it anyway for your amusement. [I also see it
as an interesting contribution to the debates on value, productive vs
unproductive labour and the Comintern ;) ]



Communism, Marxism, socialism call it what you will, even argue that these
things are different, the fact remains that it doesn't work.

Marxism has tremendous appeal to student groups like Left Alliance,
Resistance [youth wing of the DSP - A.B.] and the International Socialists
for a number of reasons. It gives something to believe in when what
surrounds you seems unbelievable. It gives you someone to blame besides
yourself. It gives adolescents a chance to rebel against their parents'
sciety which they jealously wish to join. It's theoretically tidy. And,
best of all, its fully imaginary, so it can never be disproved.

The USSR was an experiment to see whether altruism and commonsense could
triumph over human greed and weakness. The experiment failed within 10
years, and after 60 more even the bureaucracy had to admit it was stuffed.

There is one daydream shared by all followers of Marxism, from unwashed
Left Alliance members to the top politicians of Cuba, the daydream that
underlies all Marxism: _that a thing migt somehow be worth other than what
people will give for it_. This is just not true. And any system that bases
itself on such a will-o'-the-wisp idea is bound to fail. Communes don't
work. Cuba doesn't either.

Many will say "Hey, wait a minute. Cuba would be just fine if there wasn't
a US trade embargo." But that is an "if", a word which is a catch cry for
Marxists who resolutely refuse to look facts in the face. The fact is "if"
Australia or any other nation becomes communist an embargo from the most
powerful nation on earth is something we woud have to live with.

Marxism in a system of government leads to centralised totalitarian power,
not to a better standard of living for the poor.

"In this sense, teh theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single
sentence. Abolition of private property." - Marx and Engels.

You can't say "Communism's okay, as long as I can still get a car and a big
house." It doesn't work that way, sorry. The abolition of private property
leads to the situation in which relatively scarce and valuable goods have
an economic value of zero. Imagine Porches, diamonds, or big houses having
no cost or value. Would that cause economic and social stability? No way.
Either you wouldn't be allowed to have any at all (technological
regression) or everyone would have them. The latter is of course
impossible. At least capitalism gives you the chance to own something

"We must hate - hatred is the basis of Communism. Children must be taught
to hate their parents if they are not Communists" - Lenin (not John).

This is not a healthy attitude. It's an "Oh, I'm so repressed"
attention-seeking teenage attitude. Hatred and fear of the Jews caused
Hitler's holocaust. Same shit, different bucket.


Produced by the Free West Republican Students for the Abolition of Welfare
Abuse Alliance.

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