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On Tue, 12 Sep 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> Several years ago I sat stunned with amazement as Juliet Schor told a class
> at the Center for Popular Economics' annual summer institute that the US
> standard of living was just too high. An autoworker (African-American, a
> detail not irrelevant to the discussion of vulgar Third Worldism) in the
> class exploded with rage at this notion. It was quite a sight to watch a
> Harvard prof lecturing the autoworker that he was living too well.
> Doug

MIM replies: I don't think any movement has gained lots of
enlightened labor aristocracy workers' activism. Anger is one thing, but
these stereotyped stories about workers are another.

Intellectual leaders (writers) continuously portray
workers as thin-skinned and unable to bear the slightest
criticism of their class. This enables intellectual leaders
to justify their own failure in forthright leadership.

We could tell anecdotes of long-time auto-workers
who worked with us and funded us. Advanced workers in the
imperialist countries also want an explanation for why
the masses' mood is reactionary compared with in the Third World.

The anecdotes being left out entirely of course are the
ones from militant prisoners and unemployed who write to us.
Then there is Vincent Chin's mother who had to witness
a white Cincinnati jury be more reactionary than the government
that prosecuted Chin's white autoworker killers.
Occasionally the imperialists allow a selective prosecution of
hate crimes through, but they can count on the Euro-Amerikan
juries to let off the killers of Vincent Chin and the like.

When the masses rise up in urban rebellion, even the imperialists
and labor aristocracy can try to undo the damage of a suburban
jury that couldn't understand a videotape (Rodney King).
Alternatively, when the Black bourgeoisie blows it's wad,
we can learn about Mark Fuhrerman (in the O.J. Simpson case).
Those are about the only circumstances where the imperialist-
labor aristocracy alliance's veil over the (in)justice system
is lifted.

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