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Researching the activities of a multinational corporation?

Focusing on the activities of the World Bank and the IMF?

Looking for information on environmental and labor issues in the

United  States and internationally?




Greetings. Multinational Monitor is a monthly magazine that

tracks  corporate activity, especially in the  Third World, and

focuses on the export of hazardous substances, worker  health and

safety, labor union  issues and the environment. Multinational

Monitor was founded by Ralph  Nader and is published by

Essential Information, Inc.

We have recently mounted our back issues, 1982-1995, onto our

gopher site  and back issues 1992-1995  onto our World Wide Web

site. Back issues are keyword searchable and WWW  editions are

hypertexted.  Our WWW home page integrates Multinational Monitor

back issues with other  resources on the Internet.  Our purpose

is to provide a comprehensive service devoted to the tracking  of

corporate activities in the  United States and around the world.

The sites are operational now with  construction slated for final

completion by August 29.

Point your Web browser to:

Gopher users go to: Essential Information under the Essential

Information  gopher under Washington DC  gophers.

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