Tudjman's fascism and homepage

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Thu Sep 14 07:52:35 MDT 1995

Thank you Jim, for your gleanings from Tudjman's homepage.
I think it is valuable to illuminate the fascist tendencies
in Croatia and the contradictions with Western European capitalism.

We we will each have been able to form our own impressions. My own:

The sparse nature of the homepage suggests that Tudjman is not yet
fully a member of the 21st century!

The servile nature of the Croat journalists' questions is worrrying.
The denial of the possibility of any crimes by official Croat armed
forces was very serious. Let us hope that the age of this bulletin
is because they now know they cannot update it without losing

The covering up of any question of Croat atrocities by emphasis on the
large number of atrocities by the other side, is the mirror image
of how the Serb Nationalists reason.

The vagueness about the right of return, which is a key issue in the
impending negotiations, is serious.

A senior member of the German government has gone public in expressing
concern about Croat atrocities which is an indication of the severity
of the disagreement. I think that left wingers and progressive people
can nevertheless protest by especially holding the US and German
governments responsible for all atrocities by the Croats and failure
to agree to speedy effective monitoring procedures.

Meanwhile the passage you passed on, presumably put on Tudjman's home
page by a Euro-leaning democratic official, is interesting for
the soft-man approach to bringing him to heel on human rights.

Statement from
the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Predsident Martinez: Croatia to respect human right

Strasbourg, 8 August 1995 - While deploring a military action which
violates United Nations Security Council resolutions, Miguel Angel
Martinez, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of
Europe, today joined Czech President Havel in expressing "understanding
for Croatia's decision to exercise its right as a sovereign State to
re-establish governement control over what is, after all, a part of its
territory recognised by all nations and by the international community".

	"Croatia , whose admission to the Council of Europe is currently
under discussion by the Parliamentary Assembly, will be judged by the way
in which it excercises this right of every sovereign State and especially
by its respect for human rights and the Rule of Law in this recovered part
of its territory, and in the rest of the country.Naturally, the rights of
national minorities are very much in our mind", President Martinez added.

	"Solving the humanitarian problems caused by thousands of civilians
seeking refuge in Bosnia and elsewhere must be a priority for our
governements which should give maximum support to international relief
organisation. All refugees and displaced persons should be enable to
return to their homes", he stated.


Long term my money is on human rights (to the of course limited level in
the European Union)  and the power of advanced monopoly
capitalism versus narrow local Croat capital and fascism. But in the short
term the picture looks grim for non Croats and democrats.

Chris B, London.

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