Shining Path and Ridgway

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Thu Sep 14 00:57:54 MDT 1995

On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:

> > =09We're not talking about crimes during wartime -- we're talking=20
> > about Party POLICY.
> MIM replies: There is a fine line between lies and polemic.=20
> If Jim were a journalist, I'd say this is a lie, because
> journalists are supposed to report fact. Since I read this
> on an academic list, I take it to be more nihilism.
> Show us where this extreme violence you claim is party policy.

=09I refer you to the facts of PCP atrocities -- and don't think I'm
forgetting that the government is much worse.=20

> correct relatively speaking than others. Furthermore, you=20
> will find people like MIM who some fraction of the time
> run into people like Jim who seem to employ no scientific method,
> only idealism. (I have read nothing from Jim prior to
> joining this list three days ago, but I am responding to what
> Jim has said to us in this short period of time.)
> If we judge Jim's posts these last 2 or 3 days, then yes,=20
> we conclude that Jim does not utilize science, only comparisons
> of real-world revolutions to his/her morally absolute principles.
> That is a uniquely ideological exercise--common to Christianity
> and utilization of the Ten Commandments. It has nothing to do
> with science.

=09Go ahead and kick me around -- the line starts there...

> As we said, we respect anarchist pacifists. They are pre-scientific
> and a great ally of the revolution in the imperialist countries.
> (Pacifists are not so good in situations of immediate armed struggle
> against imperialism.) Judging the last couple days, I hold out
> some hope for Jim J. to take up consistent
> anarchism as the way for Jim J. to blow off the maximal amount of
> nihilist steam.

=09Blow it out yer EAR, Pat... (such tripe...)

> If Jim J. wants absolute moral principles, I cannot offer any, but
> I can suggest the following enterprise: go to Peru; live as a Peruvian;
> if Jim J. is willing to die of starvation or government repression
> and is still unwilling to support the PCP violence, then Jim J. is=20
> someone of high principle. Meanwhile, in the imperialist countries,
> we think Jim J. is overly obsessed with the political violence
> which he and Louis Proyect seem to to think is always about to
> engulf them. Their fear of "Stalinists" threatening their middle-class
> privileges is the only rational explantion for their disproportionate
> response to the People's War in Peru.

=09Pat:  I see why some here don't want to have anything to do with
you Maoists -- but I suppose that's just the lackey running-dog in me

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